Ako Obioma Under Fire Over Alleged Contract Scam in Abia, Imo

Ako Obioma, Managing Director of Worldwide Environment Tech Ltd and Daman Resources Nig Ltd, is facing severe criticism over alleged contract scams in Abia and Imo states.

The accusations come from various quarters, including a scathing statement by former Abia Speaker Rt. Hon Chinedum Enyinnaya Orji and a damning revelation from the Abia Reform Movement (ARM).

In a strongly worded statement signed by Jude Ndukwe spokesperson to the former Abia Speaker, Rt. Hon Chinedum Orji accused Ako Obioma of being a “crooked contractor” who diverted government funds meant for road projects to acquire exotic cars without delivering on the jobs.

“Ako Obioma is on record as one of those contractors in Abia state that did perfect the ignoble art of collecting government funds released for road contracts to buy exotic cars without delivering on the jobs. His dishonesty is nauseating and he can not possibly be someone that should offer any advice.”

Also, a press statement by the Abia Reform Movement (ARM), signed by its Convener, Comrade Theodore Nwabueze and Mr Okechukwu Solomon and made available to the media on Monday in Umuahia the Abia State capital, described Ako Obioma as “a shamelessly desperate individual who has perfected the ignoble art of diverting public funds meant for road projects to his personal use.”

ARM vowed to further expose the common thievery perpetrated by Ako Obioma whom they described as being notorious for absconding with funds meant for road projects once he is mobilised by government thereby shortchanging the people in the process.

“The claim that the notoriously failed contractor ‘executed and handed over huge number of completed road infrastructural (sic) projects, and other meaningful and peoples-oriented (sic) projects…’ is not only mischievous and ridiculous but a lie from the pit of hell peddled by enemies of the people.

“Those who peddled that falsehood failed to mention even if it is just one project among the so-called ‘huge number of projects’ they claimed Ako delivered. They could not have because there was actually none! Such ‘huge number of projects’ exists only in the deranged imagination of Ako Obioma the failed crooked contractor and his media hirelings.

“It is not only in Abia State that he used his companies to grossly shortchange and sabotage government efforts at providing infrastructure for the people, he extended his malfeasance to Imo State where he was awarded the contracts for the construction of Umuezegwu-Ogbor Ahiazu-Ekwereazu Ahiara Mbaise Road; and the Umuaka through Dikenafai Road and the Okwelle Roundabout.

“Just like he disappointed and abysmally failed his own kinsmen in Umuopara, Umuahia South LGA where he absconded with the contract sums paid for the construction of the all-important Umuopara Ring Road without executing the job, Ako Obioma ‘exported’ his ineptitude, incompetence and thievery to the people of Ihitte Oboma, Ahiazu Mbaise, Ideato South and Onuimo all in Imo State who till date still suffer the hardship imposed upon them as a result of the non-execution of the contracts awarded for the construction of their roads but which were all abandoned after Ako Obioma the crooked contractor got mobilised but absconded as usual with the funds.

“All Ako Obioma is interested in is the inordinate acquisition and endless primitive accumulation of exotic cars, including about 6 convertible Mercedes Benz cars, a Lamborghini car among others which he drives with glee even in his own community where he is held in both disdain and opprobrium; ostentatious holiday get-aways etc all at the expense of government and the people.

“Such an avaricious, rapacious and voracious element is supposed to be checked into a mental home for a psychiatric check as his level of mindless diversion of public funds is bewildering.

“We advise Ako Obioma to toe the honourable path of apologising to his people in Umuopara for failing them and also consider the option of making restitution to them and all the other communities extending to Imo State for absconding and living fat on their funds without delivering on the jobs he was mobilised for.

“This is the only way he can get some respite from his self-imposed restiveness and crookery,” the statement concluded.

Efforts to obtain a response from Ako Obioma regarding these serious allegations proved futile as calls to his known phone number failed to connect.

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