C’River Speaker’s CPS Urges Society to Recognize Boys’ Emotional Needs on International Day of the Boy Child

The Chief Press Secretary to the speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Mr. Matthew Okache has called on society to recognize the emotional needs of the boy child, he made this known today on InternationalDay of the Boy Child, His statement, aimed at acknowledging the often-overlooked struggles of young boys, emphasized their emotional well-being and the importance of recognizing their inherent worth.

Okache pointed to the societal expectations placed on boys to remain strong and silent, often at the expense of their mental health. He expressed concern over the tendency to overlook the emotional needs of boys, urging society to offer them the same compassion and care given to others.

“Too often, society expects you to be strong and silent, to bear your burdens without complaint. But the truth is, you are human. You feel pain, you face fears, and you deserve the same care and compassion as anyone else,” Okache stated.

Okache’s message focuses on the importance of acknowledging boys’ feelings and experiences. He reassured them that their dreams, tears, triumphs, and trials were all significant and worthy of attention.

“It might feel like the world has forgotten to protect your innocence, to cherish your spirit, but know that you are not alone. Some believe in your worth and are fighting for your right to be heard and loved. You are seen, you are valued, and you are deeply cared for, even when it doesn’t seem that way,” he said.

The Chief Press Secretary emphasized the importance of vulnerability, urging boys to embrace their emotions as a source of strength. “Stand tall, embrace your emotions, and know that your strength lies not just in your resilience, but in your vulnerability,” he added.

Okache concluded his message with an empowering reminder of the boys’ potential to effect positive change in the world. He encouraged them to rise, be kind, and make a difference, assuring them that their journey is important and their story worth telling.

“You are the future, and the world needs your light. Even when it feels like no one is standing up for you, remember, that you have the power to rise, to be kind, and to make a difference. Your journey is important, and your story is worth telling,” he concluded.

Matthew Okache’s Facebook Post.
Matthew Okache’s Facebook Post.
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