Special Assistants Timber Control Commend Gov. Otu for Logging Suspension Directive

Governor Sen. Bassey Otu of Cross River State has issued a groundbreaking directive suspending all logging activities across the three senatorial districts. Announced on June 20, 2024, this directive has garnered strong support from the Special Assistants to the Governor on Timber Control, who are tasked with ensuring its enforcement. The team includes Chief Amb. Emmanuel Asegem (North), Mkpe Daniel Bisong (Central), and Emmanuel Edet (South).

The directive aims to curb the widespread logging activities that have been a concern in Cross River State. Chief Amb. Emmanuel Asegem outlined the enforcement strategy, which involves securing all major exit points to ensure no wood is transported out of the state. “We have mounted all the exit points to make sure no wood leaves Cross River State according to the Governor’s directive,” Asegem emphasized, highlighting the thoroughness of their approach.

To ensure strict compliance, the Special Assistants have implemented a robust enforcement mechanism. Asegem warned that any loggers attempting to defy the directive would have their wood confiscated and handed over to the appropriate authorities. This firm stance is intended to deter illegal logging activities and support sustainable practices.

The Special Assistants have pledged their full commitment to the directive, underscoring their dedication to preserving the state’s resources. “Our commitment to implementing the Governor’s directive is total. We will ensure that no unauthorized wood leaves Cross River State,” stated Emmanuel Edet,

Edet also urged wood dealers to maintain good conduct, ensuring that the South can enjoy the same peace experienced by those who adhere strictly to the Governor’s directive.

Mkpe Daniel Bisong, the Special Assistant for the Central District, also reassured Governor Otu, that all timber dealers will comply in order to Achieve purposeful administration.

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