Asegem Enforces Logging Suspension, Seize Truckload of wood in Ogoja

In a decisive move to enforce the recent government directive suspending logging across Cross River State, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Timber Control North, Ambassador Emmanuel Asegem, has taken immediate action. Following the directive issued on June 20, 2024, by Governor Senator Bassey Otu, Asegem commenced enforcement activities the next day.

During his patrol in Ogoja on June 21, Asegem encountered a trailer truck loaded with timber heading towards Mbok. When he attempted to engage with the truck driver, the situation quickly escalated as the driver became confrontational and appeared ready to fight. Demonstrating restraint and adhering to his civil approach, Asegem refrained from escalating the situation. Instead, he contacted Lieutenant Colonel Anilesere, the Commanding Officer of Godwin Ally Cantonment in Ogoja.

Lt. Col. Anilesere responded swiftly, dispatching his team to the location. The military personnel successfully intervened, apprehending the truck and securing the timber load in Ogoja barracks. This quick and effective action underscores the government’s commitment to enforcing the logging suspension and protecting the state’s natural resources.

Ambassador Asegem extended his gratitude to Governor Otu for his unwavering stance on the logging suspension, emphasizing the administration’s dedication to the “people first” mantra. He assured the governor and the citizens of Cross River State of his continued support and vigilance in upholding the directive.

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Pastor Francis
Pastor Francis
23 days ago

That’s My brother