The Cross River State 10th Assembly, under the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem was inaugurated on 13th June 2023 and has embarked on a robust legislative agenda aimed at improving the lives of its citizens. The Assembly has prioritized transparency, accountability, and development, reflecting its commitment to a “People’s First” philosophy. Over the past year, the Assembly has made significant strides in legislative activities, addressing pressing issues and passing critical bills.


The legislative year has been marked by a high level of activity, with a total of 22 bills deliberated upon and six major ones passed. The focus has been on enhancing public welfare through legislation that targets key sectors such as education, health, infrastructure, and youth empowerment.


1. Public Procurement Law: This law ensures transparency in the procurement processes of the state, aiming to eliminate corruption and promote fair competition.
2. Education Development Levy Law: This law introduces a levy aimed at funding educational projects across the state, ensuring schools receive necessary financial support.
3. Healthcare Improvement Bill: Aimed at upgrading healthcare services, this bill ensures that quality healthcare is accessible to all residents.
4. Infrastructure Development Bill: This bill provides a framework for the development and maintenance of critical infrastructure.
5. Youth Empowerment and Employment Law: This law focuses on creating job opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship among the youth.
6. Agricultural Enhancement Bill: This bill supports farmers with subsidies, training, and access to modern farming techniques.

The Assembly’s proactive stance is further reflected in the variety of Motions passed during the year. These Motions have been critical in shaping the legislative agenda and addressing specific issues impacting the state.


1. Motion for Improved Road Infrastructure: This motion called for the immediate repair of the Federal Highway linking Calabar to Ikom, highlighting the importance of infrastructure to the state’s economy.
2. Motion on Healthcare Facilities: A motion was passed to improve healthcare facilities in rural areas, ensuring that even the most remote parts of the state have access to quality healthcare.
3. Motion for Educational Reforms: This motion focused on implementing reforms in the educational sector, including improving teacher training and providing better facilities for students.
4. Motion to Support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): The Assembly passed a motion to support SMEs through grants and training programs, recognizing their role in the state’s economic development.
5. Motion on Environmental Conservation: A motion was passed to promote environmental conservation practices, addressing issues such as deforestation and pollution.


The Assembly has also been active in addressing matters of urgent public importance, passing 49 resolutions to tackle immediate concerns affecting the populace. Of these, 39 resolutions have been successfully resolved, showcasing the Assembly’s responsiveness to the needs of its constituents.

1. Communal Clashes: Resolutions were passed to address communal clashes in Obudu, Obubra, and Biase, calling for immediate government intervention and conflict resolution measures.
2. Infrastructure Decay: The Assembly addressed the deteriorating state of infrastructure, such as the Federal Highway linking Calabar to Ikom, by passing resolutions for urgent repairs.
3. Erosion and Environmental Concerns: The devastating erosion at Bacoco, Nasarawa (8 Miles) in Calabar Municipality was addressed through resolutions urging the state government to implement erosion control measures.
4. Security Concerns: The kidnapping of the Paramount Ruler of Akpabuyo Local Government Area prompted a resolution for enhanced security measures and the swift rescue of the traditional leader.
5. Economic Issues: The Assembly passed resolutions addressing economic concerns, such as the need for the revocation of the concession of the Cross River State Liaison Office/House in Abuja to ensure efficient asset management.

The Cross River State 10th Assembly has demonstrated a commendable level of legislative activity and responsiveness to public issues over the past year. Their efforts have not only resulted in the passage of critical bills but also the resolution of numerous urgent matters affecting the state’s residents. As they continue to serve, the Assembly’s focus on transparency, accountability, and development remains crucial to the progress of Cross River State.

– Total Number of Bills Deliberated: 22
– Total Number of Bills Passed: 6
– Total Number of Motions Passed: 49
– Total Number of Resolutions Resolved: 39

The Cross River State 10th Assembly has made significant strides in its first year, showcasing a commitment to a “People’s First” philosophy. Through proactive legislative measures and swift responses to public issues, the Assembly has set a high standard for governance. Their achievements over the past year underscore the positive impact of effective legislative practices on state development. As they continue their tenure, the people of Cross River State can look forward to more impactful legislation and resolutions aimed at enhancing their welfare and promoting sustainable development.

Mathew Okache
Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker

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