Today marks a significant milestone in the political career of Hon. Sylvester Agabi Jnr, the Deputy Speaker of the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, as he celebrates one year in office. Over the past year, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership, dedication, and commitment to the people of Obudu and Cross River State at large as well as the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), the political party on whose platform he is in the saddle. His contributions to the legislative process have been invaluable, and his passion for the development of our state has been evident in every aspect of his work.

Recall that Hon. Sylvester Agabi Jnr, emerged as Deputy Speaker of the 10th Cross River State House of Assembly on June 13, 2023 and today he officially marked his first anniversary in office. It has been an eventful one year for the Deputy speaker, who came to power following a stretched legal battles, challenging his God-ordained mandate but God was on his side and he won all the battles and he has since settled down to legislative business and providing efficient and effective representation to his constituents.

Interestingly, his emergence as the Deputy Speaker gave birth to a new dawn in the leadership formation with fitting denouncement to an episodic political journey which many people did not believe that it would come to pass. He emerged against all odds and the rest today is history.

Hon. Sylvester Agabi Jnr, ventured into politics to improve the lives of his people and the development of his constituency. It is a reason his life offers interminable lessons on the beauty and benefits of resolve, compassion, unpretentious generosity, humility and values.

For ObuduState Constituency and Cross River State, he came with the building of the future and his agenda has neither deviated or changed from using every alternative avenue to attract growth and development to his Constituency. Noteworthy, Hon. Sylvester is not a noise maker, but steadfast because what many make a song and dance of as achievements, is nothing to him.

During this past one year of being in the saddle, he has been silently busy laying the foundation necessary for the delivery of good governance. In the course of his one year in office, the Deputy Speaker has done exceptionally well in charity and reached out to constituents in the spirit of the ‘People First Agenda’ of the State Governor, His Excellency, Sen Prince Bassey Edet Otu, to support and help ameliorate their challenges. And this has undoubtedly endeared Hon Sylvester Agabi Jnr to the good people of ObuduState Constituency, who are becoming increasingly in love with the leadership he provides.

This was seen practically during the Thanksgiving event that attracted prominent State actors including the State Governor, the Deputy Governor, His Excellency, Rt Hon Peter Odey PhD, the Speaker, Rt Hon Elvert Ayambem, commissioners and several lawmakers as well as thousands of constituents who joined in the day long celebration. They are confident that the trust in him will inspire the easygoing Deputy Speaker to continue important efforts in promoting the unity of the good people of Obudu and Cross River State, leading it on the path of prosperity and further well-being of the people.

Not leaving the development of his constituency behind, he has successfully injected several rural road projects and empowerment projects into the budget which will soon be unveiled for all to see and benefit.

Recently, the integrity and leadership of the Deputy Speaker was tested as he played a major role in working with the system and the leadership of the House to bring the disagreement in the House to an amicable resolution. His loyalty, political dexterity and forthrightness was brought to bear and normal legislative business was restored.

Without question, it is gratifying that Hon. Sylvester Agabi Jnr has walked his talk as evident in his record of achievements. To discerning observers, his leadership is not lacking. It is better days ahead for Obudu State Constituency and the citizens of Cross River State as the Deputy Speaker is focused on delivering good governance in synergy with the leadership of the House and the Executive arm of government.

Congratulations to the Deputy Speaker, 10th Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon Sylvester Agabi Jnr.

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