Celebrating Electoral College Nigeria at Five: A Journey into Politeracy


As The Electoral College Nigeria marks its fifth anniversary, it’s a time to reflect on its journey since inception and celebrate its impactful contributions to the realm of governance and political literacy. Established in June 2019, the College is Nigeria’s first Political Literacy Institution and has continuously strived to bridge the gap between citizens and governance, advocating for good governance through mass enlightenment and fostering meaningful dialogue on key issues.

In its inaugural year, the College wasted no time making waves. In March 2020, its advocacy for politeracy gained national attention, featured prominently on Sahara Reporters. This was followed by the launch of its pioneering virtual classes on ‘Politeracy and Governance 101’ in April, reaching eager learners across the nation. In May, a groundbreaking virtual forum, ‘Connecting the Dots,’ in collaboration with PGI, united black leaders in governance worldwide, setting a precedent for global dialogue. In November 2020 – The Electoral College Nigeria in conjunction with One Voice hosted the Lagos East Senatorial debate which was well attended by candidates and the electorate.

With a steadfast commitment to its mandate, the College addressed contemporary challenges head-on. Developing social media guidelines for governmental communication in response to emerging trends, the College emphasized the importance of constructive engagement between government and citizens. These efforts did not go unnoticed, earning the College recognition in Independent Newspaper for its proactive approach.

The momentum continued, marked by expansion and innovation. Intake for the second batch of Politeracy and Governance classes in July 2020 saw increased participation, while a strategic partnership with We FM 106.3 Abuja brought the curriculum to the airwaves, reaching even wider audiences.

In partnership with the Embassy of Sweden, the College commemorated the International Day of Democracy in September, reinforcing its commitment to democratic values. By October, the College had welcomed its largest cohort yet, with over 29,000 registrations for the Politeracy and Governance class, a testament to its growing influence.

The third year saw the College diversifying its outreach efforts, engaging with political parties to enhance internal mechanisms and candidate quality. Collaborations with educational institutions like the Plateau Business School facilitated physical classes, enriching the learning experience. The inaugural Independence event, ‘For Love of Country,’ invoked patriotism nationwide, while virtual discussions tackled prevalent myths surrounding political parties.

In its fourth year, ECN hosted the Lagos Gubernatorial debates, gaining widespread media attention. In collaboration with partners, the 2023 elections were also monitored to ensure transparency and accountability.

Looking ahead, the College shows no signs of slowing down. Partnerships with media outlets and religious institutions underscore its commitment to broadening political education, while ongoing initiatives like the #Politicsin5, #LGFocus/#LGSpot drive and the ‘Did You Know’ miniseries on both mainstream and social media continue to inform and empower citizens.

As it enters its fifth year currently rounding off its 14th cohort of Politeracy classes and having trained over eleven thousand, The Electoral College Nigeria remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate informed and engaged citizens. With new cohorts, collaborative projects, and innovative platforms, the College continues to be a beacon of hope for a more transparent and participatory democracy. Here’s to five years of excellence, and to many more years of impact ahead by the college and the country in the landscape of Democracy

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