Gov Otu’s Road to Transformation: Operation Zero Potholes By Linus Obogo

In the realm of governance, a leader’s duty transcends mere governance; it extends to ensuring the welfare and advancement of the people under his care.

This noble sentiment finds resonance in the actions and endeavours of Cross River State governor, Senator Bassey Otu. Upon assuming office, he was confronted with formidable challenges, chief among them was the deplorable state of the road network in the state capital, Calabar.

The streets were riddled with potholes, erosion had deformed the landscape, and the overall infrastructure cried out for attention.

Undaunted by the magnitude of the task at hand, Governor Otu wasted no time in tackling this pressing issue head-on. He launched “Operation Zero Potholes” and initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the entire road network in the Calabar metropolis. The outcomes of this endeavor have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Today, the residents of Calabar can scarcely recollect a time when potholes marred their daily commutes. The metamorphosis of the roads in Calabar has been so profound that even the car part vendors in Bedwell have observed a decline in the sale of shock absorbers, a testament to the enhanced condition of the roads.

A pivotal project spearheaded by Governor Otu was the introduction of concrete pavement technology in the construction of roads like Nyong Edem and Muri-Nta Eke Road within the Effio Ette Roundabout axis. This innovative technology guarantees the longevity of these roads, a critical consideration in a region like the southern part of the country, characterized by a high water table and challenging terrain. By embracing this technology, Governor Otu has not only enhanced the infrastructure of Calabar but also secured its durability and sustainability.

Governor Otu’s dedication to the development of the state is palpable in the myriad road projects he has initiated across the state. The dualization of Esuk Utan, the construction of the parliamentary roundabout, and the total re-asphalting of Murtala Mohammed highway and Marian are just a few examples of the transformative impact of his administration. These projects have not only enhanced the physical infrastructure of the state but also contributing to its overall economic growth and progress.

In addition to the projects in the state capital, Governor Otu has extended his focus to the Central and Northern Senatorial Districts of the state. The allocation of contracts for the construction of road networks in Ikom, Ugep, and Ogoja underscores his commitment to equitable development throughout the state. By initially prioritizing the state capital, Governor Otu has laid a solid foundation for further progress in other regions, ensuring that all corners of the state reap the benefits of his administration’s initiatives.

The contracts awarded thus far encompass roads such as Iyache – Aliforkpa Road, Akriya bridge, and Yahe-Wanikom-Wanikande Benue border road, underscoring the strategic significance of infrastructure development in linking communities and fostering economic growth. These projects not only enhance accessibility and connectivity but also create avenues for trade and commerce, ultimately enriching the lives of the citizenry.

One particularly poignant project that has captured Governor Otu’s attention is the long-neglected Adiabo road, a much-awaited infrastructure development that will significantly enhance connectivity between Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. This project, which had languished for years, serves as a testament to Governor Otu’s commitment to fulfilling promises made to the people and ensuring the completion of critical infrastructure projects for the benefit of all.

Furthermore, Governor Otu’s endorsement of the Federal government’s construction of the Calabar – Itu road underscores his collaborative approach to governance. By approving payment of compensation to facilitate the completion of this vital road project, Governor Otu has unequivocally showcased his willingness to collaborate with other levels of government to achieve shared objectives and enhance the overall infrastructure of the region.

With his able aide, Honourable Pius Edet, who also serves as the Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the quality delivery of road projects, Governor Otu’s administration, in just one year, has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to infrastructure development, economic growth, and the welfare of the populace.

Through innovative technologies, strategic initiatives, and a focus on equitable development, Governor Otu is quietly but steadily revolutionizing the state capital while laying the groundwork for further advancement across the state. His vision for a modern, sustainable, and inclusive Cross River State shines through in the numerous road projects he has initiated and the tangible impact they will have on the lives of the people.

As Governor Otu continues to lead with fervor and dedication, the horizon of a brighter future for Cross River and its inhabitants remains ever bright and promising.

Linus Obogo is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Governor Bassey Otu

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