One Year: Isaac Imoke Praises Governor Otu’s People-Centric Leadership in Cross River State

Former Chairman Anti-Deforestation central Mr. Isaac Imoke, has commended Governor Bassey Edet Otu and his deputy, Rt. Hon. Peter Odey, for their remarkable achievements during their first year in office.
In a statement, Mr. Imoke described the Otu-led administration as a “people-centric government” and emphasized that the citizens of Cross River State have directly felt the positive impact of their governance over the past year.
“The Governor and his deputy have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people. Their initiatives and policies have brought tangible benefits to the citizens, reinforcing the essence of a government truly dedicated to serving its people,” said Mr. Imoke.
Highlighting the administration’s dedication to growth and development, Mr. Imoke reassured Governor Otu of his full support, now and in the future. “I stand firmly behind Governor Otu and his vision for the state. Together, we can achieve significant progress and prosperity for Cross River State.”
Governor Otu and his deputy have been lauded for various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of residents, including enhanced infrastructure, education, and healthcare services. Their administration has been characterized by transparency and a focus on sustainable development, aligning with the expectations of the citizens.
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