Bishop Emmah Isong’s visit to Zambia Saved my Family In 2002


-Man recalls 22-year old Miracle encounter with Bishop Emmah Isong in Zambia

A Zambian cleric, Apostle Sydney Mulenga has narrated how his wife, Priscilla broke the jinx of strange miscarriages often experienced after God’s anointed servant, Bishop Dr. Emmah Gospel Isong of the Faith Mansion World Centre, Calabar, laid hands on her during a prayer encounter in April 2002.

Sharing the testimony, Mr Sydney Mulenga said the deliverance not only opened doors for his family, but has also given them three grown children afterwards.

Here him :

“Good Evening Dr Isong,

Quick introduction of the photo here; on your far right is Jekuthiel-Paul Mulenga, our second son and last born who was born on the 25th of May, 2011, next to him is my wife, Priscilla Mbita Mulenga. On your immediate right is the miracle girl whose pregnancy you spoke of prophetically to us during the 2002 June Conference at Ebenezer Tabernacle in Kabwe, Zambia.

“My wife Priscilla Mbita Mulenga used to conceive, but we’d experience strange miscarriages within the two years of our marriage as we married on the 21st of October, 2000.

“That day the Lord led you to call on women with complications of conception as there was a serpentine spirit in control. Then after praying for them, you told them to take a symbolism seed of a fruit basket to Rev Mama Janet Phiri (the Host) the next day who was to pray for fruitfulness over the couples for as long as she ate the fruits. My wife conceived that very month and on the 5th of April 2003, JEDIDAH NATASHA MULENGA was born, without any complications.

Continuing, Mr Mulenga noted that: “Our daughter’s life has been a great testimony, she is now 21 years old and in her 3rd year at Zambia’s 3rd public university called the Mulungushi University, Zambia. She is pursuing her Bachelor of Development Studies. God bless his servant (Bishop Emmah Isong), and treasure the grace of your life, Sir.

“On your far left in that photo is myself, Apostle Sydney Mulenga.

“I am sitting in my living room and just contemplating on how the conference has been, God is gracious and we are grateful you came our way. You are such a great blessing to my family, Your Grace”, he concluded.

– Apostle Sydney MULENGA,
Ebenezer and the Body of Christ in Zambia loves you.
28th April 2024.

Insert: Photos of the Mulengas with Bishop Dr Emmah Isong.

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