Birthday: Isaac Imoke Extols Chief Emmanuel Ironbar’s Leadership in Cross River State

Isaac Imoke, a distinguished figure from Cross River State’s central Senatorial district, has extended warm birthday wishes to Chief Emmanuel Ironbar, the Chief of Staff to the Governor. Imoke, a former Chairman of the Anti-Deforestation Central, didn’t just celebrate Ironbar’s special day; he also commended his remarkable leadership qualities that have left an indelible mark on the state.
Imoke’s words resonated with admiration as he described Chief Ironbar as a beacon of humility and consistency, attributes that have endeared him to many within the state. Imoke’s acknowledgment of Ironbar’s unwavering dedication to public service underscores the significance of his contributions to the governance landscape of Cross River State.
Furthermore, Imoke’s message transcended mere birthday felicitations, as he earnestly prayed for God’s continuous blessings upon Chief Ironbar, enabling him to further support the Governor in realizing the people’s aspirations. Imoke’s call for unity and collective support for the government, particularly the administration led by Sen. Bassey Otu, reflects a commitment to advancing the common good and achieving developmental milestones for the state.
Highlighting Chief Ironbar’s pivotal role in facilitating the smooth operation of the Otu-led administration, Imoke emphasized the importance of sustaining momentum and fostering collaboration among Cross Riverians. Imoke’s endorsement of Chief Ironbar’s leadership underscores a broader consensus within the state regarding the chief of staff’s instrumental role in driving progress and fostering inclusive governance.
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