War of Words Between The Cross River State APC Chairman, Barr Alphonsus Ogar Eba and High Chief Higgins Peters Oko: End Your Feud Lets Give Peace a Chance In The Overall Interest Of Yala

Considering the recent escalation of the war of words between High Chief Higgins Peters Oko and Barr Alphonsus Ogar Eba which is not in our character, I call on parties in the hostilities to prioritise dialogue as the path to peace for the good of Yala, as the conflicts of interests that have resulted in the social media squabbles are highly regrettable.

I believe constructive discussions, implementing conflict resolution mechanisms and peaceful negotiations can breed an enduring and lasting harmony between both parties and engender a large-scale peace in Yala .

It is our collective responsibility to come together as citizens, set aside our differences, recognize our shared history, culture and norms to build stronger communities, foster physical and economic growth and secure a better future for the coming generation to de-escalate the tension.

I also appeal to the media and the civil society organisations to be instrumental in efforts towards peace by spreading messages of reconciliation, cohesion and hope between Barr Alphonsus Ogar Eba and High Chief Higgins Peters Oko.

I wish to restate my commitment to working with other stakeholders in the pursuit of peace in Yala.

I call on traditional rulers, local leaders, community elders, political stakeholders and the good people of Yala to take effective steps towards dousing the tension that has given birth to this conflagration.

I also call on all and sundry to join in the endeavour for a more harmonious and prosperous Yala.

Let me express deep appreciation to all illustrious sons and daughters of Yala for affording me this opportunity as Chairman, YEMA YALA DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE to share my position at the ongoing verbal war of Words by two sons of Yala extraction; High Chief Higgins Peters Oko and Barr Alphonsus Ogar Eba, which has taken a negative dimension recently.

By this, we are looking at critical issues, that is the imperative of peace and togetherness and relatedly, the overriding need for sustainable economic and sociopolitical development of Yala.

These are critical ingredients which we need both for the internal wellbeing of our people and indispensable in properly positioning ourselves for competitiveness and respect in the state. Therefore, my intervention could therefore not come at a better time other than now.

I enjoin High Chief Higgins and Barr Alphonsus to bury their differences with the optimism that the rancour would soon be a thing of the past.

Consequently, I urge elder statesmen and elites in the state to prevail on the political actors involved in the crisis to sheathe their swords, give peace a chance and allow for an amicable resolution of all issues through dialogue.

Yala Will Be Great Again!

Chief Christopher Omaga Eguma,

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