Equipment Recovery: Works Commissioner appears before C’River Assembly

The Cross River State House of Assembly has exposed a tangled web of corruption, as state-owned heavy-duty construction equipment mysteriously vanished, leading to colossal financial losses for the government.

The investigation is the 10th Assembly’s commitment to dismantling the nefarious racketeering surrounding 34 pieces of heavy-duty equipment, including excavators, dozers, graders, and payloaders. Acquired during Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade’s administration, these crucial assets disappeared during the transition, prompting the government to incur substantial expenses renting its equipment.

Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, declared a total commitment to unveil the truth behind this scandal. Interrogating Hon. Pius Edet, Commissioner for Works, and Charles Inah, Administrative Officer at the Cross River State Agricultural Company, revealed shocking insights into the pervasive contractors exploiting the state’s resources.

The revelation highlighted that the equipment, initially under the Ministry of Agriculture during Hon. Okon Owuna’s commissionership, mysteriously vanished during the handover. These missing assets were later traced to external rentals, with millions funneling into the private account of Ibrahim, representing Zaka Global Company, as disclosed by the special standing Committee.

The House unanimously called for justice against the conspirators of this fraudulent scheme, urging the retrieval of funds and summoning the Commissioner for Aviation and other critical stakeholders for questioning regarding their roles in the affair.

“The disappearance of these vital assets cannot be overlooked in a state that cherishes its resources,” says Speaker Ayambem. The House stressed the imperative need to locate and recover the equipment to support the current administration of Sen. Prince Bassey Otu in its mission for success.

The Cross River State House of Assembly stands resolute in its pursuit of accountability, vowing to bring those responsible for this heinous act to justice and reclaim the state’s valuable resources for the benefit of its people.

Matthew Okache
Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker

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