Our attention has been drawn to an article titled “Cocktail of Sleazes and Embezzlement of APC Funds by Alphonsus Ogar Eba Esq, Cross River APC Chairman”, littered with falsehood, lies and aprobrium by one faceless Benard Ingio, self acclaimed chairman of a non existent group called “Northern Cross River Reconciliation Movement”.

The party would have ignored the article as another piece of trash and inconsequential musings of a deluded mind, however to prevent the proliferation of this falsehood which could be consumed by undiscerning members of the public as fact, it is pertinent to set the records straight and urge party faithfuls and members of the public to discontenance the incoherent article.

The party notes that this misguided article is another “pull him down syndrome” and the evil machinations of faceless and fake persons, who are out to cause confusion, suspicion and disaffection with misinformations, cheap blackmail and unfounded lies.

The faceless group, which from all indices and diligent findings is non existent and their so called Benard Ingio fake, has in the said article reeled out fictitious figures as monies given to the party during the last elections, allegedly embezzled.

The question is, can the state chairman unilaterally in an Exco of 38 members collect almost 200 million as alleged and squander same without any outcry from the Exco?

Interestingly however, the State Executive Committee has spent in excess of 200 million to carter for official car support to over 21 Exco members / the welfare of Executive and non Executive members.

It is crucial to enlighten the slanderous detractors on the administrative procedures of the APC which the cavillers are not abreast of, hence their ignorant and numskullish conclusions about the workings of the party they claim to belong to. What a pity and sympathy for their unalphabetic and uncouth journey in the vale of benightedness.

The State Working Committee is responsible for the day to day administration of the party, therefore every fund authoriser by the state Chairman is appropriated, approved and ratified by the State Executive Committee in tandem with the provisions of the party’s constitution.

The party identifies the baseless calls for the State Chairman’s resignation as the handiwork of desperate politicians from within the party who are already jittery over the on going Disciplinary Committee that is investigating their inglorious Anti party activities in the 2023 General and 2024 re run elections.

The party has also uncovered the plans of opposition members in the state who are planning to defect to the ruling APC with their discredited character and infect the party with their destructive tendencies and they know clearly that the vocal, vibrant, rugged, no nonsense State Chairman Alphonsus Ogar Eba esq, JP will be a clog in the wheels of their perfidious character and machinations.

We stand resolutely with our very brilliant, charismatic, eloquent, audacious and dependable State Chairman, Alphonsus Ogar Eba Esq JP, who has distinguished himself in maintaining the peace, love, unity and growth of our party leading to over 80 per cent victory in the 2023 general elections in Cross River State.

We reiterate that, no amount of mudslinging, diatribes, name calling, and blackmail would deter the State Executive Committee, the Disciplinary Committee, our faithful and loyal party men and women from our stand and trust in the State Chairman.

We therefore challenge the so called faceless Benard Ingio and his fake group to back their false claims and allegations with documents and veritable evidences, as the party is ready to pursue this sinister act to any legal level to justify the credibility and hard earned reputation of the State Chairman.

For the sake of emphasis, the party re-echos that, it has passed a *vote of confidence* on the State Chairman for his transparent, accountable, robust, egalitarian and democratic leadership.

We thank our Leader the State Governor, His Excellency Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu for effectively driving his People First mantra for the greater good of Cross Riverians and continuous support and guidance of the party.

Furthermore, we urge party members and the public to disregard the misinformation being peddled and remain focused on our collective goal of serving the people of Cross River State.


Hon. Emmanuel Edem Inyang JP
Acting Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress
Cross River State

16th February, 2024.

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