Hon Michael Ede Usibe is a Nigerian politician who served as Chairman of Yala Local Government Area and Chairman of Cross River State ALGON from 2013 to 2016. He also served the Cross River State Government as Director General of Contact Mobilization Agency and subsequently as Commissioner of New Cities Development between 2016 and 2019-2021, respectively.

A Financial Executive, Business Man and Politician, he was born to the family of Mr Matthew and Mrs Regina Usibe of Okpodon in North Ukelle, Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State.

As a career Civil Servant, he voluntarily retired in 2012 as a substantive Director of Finance and Supplies. During his tenure, he received the Distinguished Award as the Best Director of Finance and Supplies for 3 consecutive years from the State Government, for his outstanding performance in financial management and accountability. A rare feat in the history of the Civil Service.

He is an Entrepreneur and an employer of labour, with great portfolios in the Hospitality Industry and Real Estates. He is the Chairman and CEO of Gakuna Nig. Ltd.

Hon. Usibe is an alumni of Christ the King College, Adikpo and the University of Calabar, where he obtained his WASC and B.Sc (Hons) Degree in Marketing, respectively. He thereafter obtained a Masters Degree in Management from the Imo state University Owerri .

Mike is member of several professional associations, including the Chattered Institute of Economist of Nigeria, Association of Administrative Managers of Nigeria, among others.

A man of great intellect, charisma, and exceptional leadership skills, Hon Usibe has sparked interest in Cross River political parlance as a leader with the right mix of qualities and political temperament toward sustainable development and growth. The former Commissioner has become a popular topic of discussion due to his numerous sterling qualities & contributions towards the State’s development over the years.

Before venturing into politics, he began his career as a Civil Servant in the Local Government Service Commission where he served as Accountant 1, Senior Accountant, Principal Accountant (Revenue Officer) and later appointed Director of Finance and Supplies; all between 1998 to 2013.

Mike Usibe ‘s unwavering loyalty in politics is one of his remarkable qualities. While as Hon Commissioner, he was faithful and dedicated to his job with exceptional leadership qualities, unwavering commitment to service, and dedication to transparency and accountability. He possesses a strong sense of purpose, a clear vision, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

His entrepreneurial skills and experience in the private sector make him uniquely qualified to aptly fit into governance to drive economic growth. He is also a strategist who understands the intricacies of politics and how to navigate its choppy waters.

His political instincts have served him well, and he has been able to build a broad coalition of supporters and allies who share his political vision. In addition to his leadership qualities, Mike Usibe is also known for his humanitarian work, particularly in helping widows , the less privileged, orphans etc etc. despite facing his own hardships. His selflessness and dedication to others earned him a reputation as a true humanitarian.

Overall, Hon Usibe is a man and a half with a unique set of qualities that make him stand out amongst many politicians. He is a competent and visionary leader with a deep understanding of the challenges facing the society.

Perilously intelligent, smart and foresighted, he combines native intelligence with uncanny brilliance to provide solutions to personal and political burdens- unarguably a master strategist with nose for excellence.

A selfless man with the yearning desire to have a world of equal opportunities, his life is a template of what real struggle is, he didn‘t happen by accident, he followed through the roughy ridges of life. His feet had been severed by the thorns of life, his body burnt by the ray of the sun and almost drowned by the flood of life. In all of these, he pushed on to be where he is. For whatever and whoever he is today, is to the toils of yesterday. He struggled through the bumpy fields of life to be where he is today.

Blessed with a humane demeanour and uncommon poise, Hon Usibe whose hobbies includes praying, walking and jogging is gradually causing some ripples as one of the key players in the state politics.

Hon Michael Ede Usibe, the man to watch is a devout christian and happily married with children.

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