…Warns against anti-party activities

Senator Bassey Otu, the Cross River State Governor, his Deputy Right Hon Peter Odey and the All Progressives Congress leadership are all committed to the victory of the party in the re-run elections coming up in the state on Saturday.

Addressing stakeholders of Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency, Yala 11 State Constituency and Obanliku State Constituency on Monday, Barrister Alphonsus Ogar Eba, the APC State Chairman emphatically declared that the governor is not valicitating on the onerous task of leading APC to victory in the elections and called on all stake holders in constituencies concerned to ensure victory for the party.

“We are all totally committed to APC victory in all the three rerun elections taking place on Saturday. let no one cajole you into thinking or believing that the governor is thinking contrary to that . What you are hearing are just rumours and empty political talk that are meant to mislead you. I am telling you as the State party Chairman that we are working tirelessly towards victory in the elections” Eba stated

He cautioned against any anti parry activity by any stakeholder or member as stern disciplinary measures would be taken against anyone who attempts to work contrary to the parry’s direction before or or during the elections.

“We shall followup to Abuja any disciplinary action taken against any party member or stakeholder who works against our interest in this election,” he warned

Eba who is popularly known as Okadigbo warned against violence by both APC and opposition members insisting that security agents would adequately mount guard in each polling unit to take care of trouble makers.

Rerun elections are holding in two state constituencies and one federal constituency in the state arising from the ruling of Appeal Court, Lagos Zone on the outcome of the February and March general elections in 2023.

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