As you watch TB Joshua’s documentary pls bear what am about to say in mind.

This is not me supporting him but I want to state some facts as I have been following this story since he passed.

So if your a conversant with Scoan(Synagogue church of all nations) you will know TB Joshua has wise men and disciples.

85% of these wise men and disciples are foreigners.

Before the prophet passed, these wise men and disciples were very powerful.

Most Sundays they handle deliverance, prayers and ministrations.

Also bear in mind TB Joshua had a wife Evelyn, she is also a prophetess. She was a prophetess before the TB married her.

While her hubby was still alive, she comes out ones in a while to preach and join in ministering to church members.

At some point she had a baby or something and now faced home and she rarely preached or do the Sunday deliverance.

Tb Joshua had an overwhelming membership and couldn’t handle the prayer line alone, so he ordained those wise men and Disciples.

Many of these wise men started acting like him, some became very powerful. Some left to start their respective ministry

People like wise man Daniel and wise man John chi, they left while TB Joshua was still alive.

But he still had lots of wise men and disciples many of them are not Nigerians.

Now this is where the story gets interesting.

Allegedly when TB Joshua died, these Wise men and Disciples took charge of the church.

They said that the prophet intended they take over.

That TB Joshua told them that they will take over from him..

These guys relegated Evelyn TB Joshua’s wife to the background, don’t forget she is a prophetess.

This rancor went full blown, these disciples and wise men fought Evelyn so much, they didn’t want her to even appear in the church.

They oppressed her so much that one day Evelyn woke up, I don’t know who helped her sha.

But it was alleged that she used the immigration and deported all those foreigners who wanted to take over the church from her, they way the deported all of them it was so funny.

She dealt with the foreigners and some of the Nigerians that joined the foreign wise men and disciples.

She is currently the lead pastor of Scoan, she has fully taken over the church, guess what ? The church is booming.

Evelyn has a special gift of healing, her church services are packed out just like when her hubby was still alive.

After reading this story, you should know why that stup!d story of Tb Joshua is surfacing now.

Evenly is the target, how dare she try to fight to take over the church from foreigners.

It is giving the vibes of “if we can’t have the church, let’s cripple it”.

TB Joshua is dead, what’s the essence of the story, to arrest a dead man? Or for what?

Before you join to start bashing, give this analysis a deep thought.

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