UNICROSS Addresses Allegations of Unpaid Salaries and Malicious Reports Against VC and Management

The University of Cross River State (UNICROSS) has been compelled to respond to a series of spurious reports circulating in various media outlets, particularly on social media platforms. The reports, seemingly fueled by some unidentified bloggers, target both the university’s management and its Vice Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Angba.

The most recent allegation suggests an imminent strike due to unpaid salaries within the university. However, UNICROSS has categorically refuted these claims, emphasizing that such reports are premature and likely motivated by individuals seeking to instigate discord within the institution.

Acknowledging the upcoming emergency congress of UNICROSS’s branch of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), the university insists that drawing conclusions about its outcome beforehand is unwarranted. The administration attributes these hasty judgments to the actions of external entities aiming to create turmoil and serve hidden agendas.

Contrary to the reports, UNICROSS asserts that there is a collaborative effort between the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Angba, and the Cross River State Government to enhance the university’s overall performance. The university management contends that there is no disharmony in this partnership.

Addressing the issue of delayed salaries for November and December 2023, UNICROSS explains that the delay resulted from the tardy receipt of the November subvention. However, the administration assures staff members that salaries for November were promptly disbursed upon receiving the subvention, and December salaries are expected to follow suit.

In shedding light on the financial challenges faced by the university, UNICROSS discloses that the institution had to contend with outstanding arrears dating back to the ASUU strike in 2022. Despite these challenges, the university’s management has been working diligently to address the delayed payment of salaries, entering into agreements with staff unions to resolve the issue systematically.

Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor’s recent trip to the UK has come under scrutiny in some reports, suggesting a link between the journey and the salary delays. UNICROSS clarifies that the Vice Chancellor’s periodic visits to the UK are longstanding personal commitments during Easter and Christmas periods, pre-dating his appointment. The university asserts that neither the Vice Chancellor nor the entire management team undertakes official foreign trips, and such travel expenses are not funded by the institution.

In response to the reports, UNICROSS expresses disappointment in the lack of genuine efforts by publishers to verify information with the Vice Chancellor or other management staff before publication. The university warns of potential legal action against those responsible for the misleading reports.

UNICROSS encourages the public to dismiss these reports as the work of mischief-makers and assures stakeholders of its commitment to resolving any legitimate concerns through proper channels. The university remains focused on its mission of providing quality education and fostering a conducive academic environment.

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