Hon. Chief (Mrs) Ada Charles Egwu , former Chairman of Biase Local Government Area, has launched a humanitarian foundation dedicated to aiding the less privileged in society.

On Sunday, the Ada Biase Foundation (ABIF) was officially revealed at its office on Asuquo Ekpenyong Street, State Housing Estate, Calabar. The unveiling followed a thanksgiving service at the Outpouring Assembly International, Goodluck Jonathan Bypass, Calabar.

Established on July 20, 2019, the Ada Biase Foundation, an NGO, has been dedicated to offering complimentary medical services to the less privileged, supporting elderly individuals, granting educational scholarships to students struggling with fees, empowering women, providing skill acquisition training to numerous girls, and actively engaging in advocacy and enlightenment programs.

During the foundation’s unveiling, the President and Founder articulated her vision, emphasizing a dedicated commitment to creating a positive impact in the lives of the less privileged. This includes vulnerable widows, underprivileged children, and women, as well as those in need throughout society, irrespective of their political, religious, or cultural affiliations.

Hon. Ada emphasized, “This is my way of giving back to society. My foundation will focus on key areas such as Empowerment, Health Care, Advocacy, Enlightenment, and Education, among others.”

Mrs. Egwu elaborated, “My dedication to supporting humanity began over a decade ago. The vision is to forge a brighter future for orphans and underprivileged children/widows through formal education. This involves offering scholarships, grants, and educational materials, along with providing vocational skills training.”

“Empowering widows for enhanced socio-economic status and overall well-being, aiming to provide equal opportunities in society. Additionally, offering medical assistance to the less fortunate and needy members of our community.”

In a commitment to broaden outreach and oversee program implementation for the foundation’s goals, the President urges public-spirited individuals and organizations to join hands in supporting the foundation. Together, we can provide further assistance to those in need within our society.

During his unveiling speech, Pastor Dr. Tonye Daniels, the head of Outpouring Assembly International in Calabar, praised the visionary founder, Hon. Chief (Mrs) Ada Charles Egwu, for her vision, humility, and passionate commitment to providing assistance to the less privileged and vulnerable, particularly in rural areas.

He recognized that in her role as Council Chairman, she was devoted to aiding the underprivileged and needy in society, irrespective of their local government of origin.

“God has utilized her to assist those in her vicinity; let’s offer her the necessary support to accomplish the foundation’s goals and objectives,” Dr. Tonye advises the guests.

He motivated guests and attendees with messages promoting unity and compassion. A spirit of gratitude filled the air as the community assembled to convey appreciation and witness the emergence of a new era in philanthropy.

In separate comments, recipients of the diverse items presented and distributed, while praising the foundation’s founder for her humanitarian spirit, conveyed their sincere thanks to the former Chairman and Founder of the Ada Biase Foundation.

The event’s climax featured Pastor Dr. Tonye Daniel, overseeing the ribbon-cutting, followed by presenting a wheelchair to a physically disabled person. The distribution of food, non-food items, like rice and wrappers, ensued, with the Biase Women Organization contributing a monetary donation to the foundation.

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