Cross Rivers State Government Embraces Innovative Alternative Energy Solutions in Partnership with KAMMA Gear Flywheel PVT Ltd

In a landmark move towards sustainable energy solutions, the Cross Rivers State government has officially extended its hand in collaboration with KAMMA Gear Flywheel PVT Ltd technology, India. Following a two-day meeting with KAMMA Gear Flywheel PVT Ltd which took place on the 13 & 14 Dec. 2023, in Calabar , Cross River State, the state government, led by the Executive Governor, His Excellency, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, through the Honourable Commissioner of Power and Renewable Energy Honourable Prince Eka Williams, has expressed its unwavering commitment to explore and implement Alternative Power Technology for the development of the state.

The state government recognizes the potential impact of KAMMA’s innovative solutions and expresses keen interest in integrating the Gear Flywheel PVT Ltd technology within Cross Rivers State. This signifies a crucial step towards addressing the State and the region’s energy challenges and fostering a strategic partnership for mutual growth.

An official invitation has been extended to KAMMA Flywheel PVT Ltd to initiate the installation of the proposed solution during a suitable pilot phase. This collaborative effort aligns seamlessly with the shared vision of both parties, aiming to propel Cross Rivers State towards sustainable energy advancement.

The state government, in coordination with KAMMA’s technical team, will identify and provide details on suitable site(s) for the installation of the KAMMA Flywheel PVT Ltd technology. This proactive approach ensures a smooth integration process and timely delivery of energy solution to critical sectors of the economy.

In a bold move, the Cross Rivers State is committed to providing comprehensive support for the success of this project. The government pledges full its full cooperation towards the success of the project. This commitment emphasizes the state’s dedication to ensuring the seamless execution of the initiative and fostering a conducive environment for collaboration.

“We believe that through this collaboration, we can achieve significant strides in enhancing energy generation, efficiency, and sustainability in Cross Rivers State,” remarked His Excellency, Senator Bassey Otu, the Executive Governor. “Our ultimate goal is to provide industrial growth and elevate the lives of the people of Cross River. We eagerly anticipate positive outcomes from this partnership with KAMMA Gear Flywheel PVT Ltd technology.”

The Business delegation led by Ambassador Simeon Uwa, Executive Secretary ISCP-Africa and International Business Advisor, comprised of Babajide Agbaje, Technical partner to KAAMA Gear Flywheel Pvt Ltd, and Abdou SAMB, CEO of FRS Consulting as Financial Partner.

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