Rt. Hon. Tolupe Akande Champions Pedestrian Bridge Construction for Safety on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

In a bold move to prioritize the safety of commuters along the bustling Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Rt. Hon. Tolupe Akande, the distinguished member representing Oluyole federal constituency, presented a pivotal motion on the House floor today.

Advocating for the construction of much-needed pedestrian bridges at strategic locations along the expressway, Akande underscored the urgency of addressing safety concerns in these areas. The proposed locations include:

Technical University

Toll Gate, Ibadan

Félele, Ibadan

Sóka, Ibadan

Sanyo, İbadan

Bólúwaji, Ibadan


Eléruku, Ibadan

Two Bridges between Muslim and Olohun-Sògo

Two Bridges between Olohun-Sogo and Oré-Méji Bridges

Three Bridges between Oré-Méji and Iwo Road

Three Bridges between Iwo Road and General Gas’ bridge

Five Bridges between General Gas and Ojóo

These locations have been identified as high-risk areas, requiring immediate attention to safeguard lives and enhance the overall well-being of the communities relying on the expressway.

The pedestrian bridges, proposed by Akande, are not just structures; they are lifelines for the countless commuters navigating these vital areas daily. The emphasis on safety extends to school children, ensuring they can travel without fear, thus fostering a secure environment for education and daily activities.

The motion has garnered widespread support, with many echoing the sentiment that safety should be a top priority in infrastructure development. The hashtag #SafetyFirst has gained momentum on social media, reflecting the public’s awareness and support for this critical initiative.

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