Amb. Asegem Emmanuel Initiates Asegem Football Tourney

In a bid to enhance community unity and bring festive joy to the heart of Ijiraga people, Chief Asegem Emmanuel, Chairman of Ageho Hotels has announced plans to begin a football tournament on the 15-25 th December 2023.

Chief Asegem’s initiative promises to add an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie during the yuletide season having been identified as a community hero in recent years.

Chief Emmanuel Asegem Football Tournament is slated to take place at Government Technical College Ijiraga, South Ukelle in Yala Local Government Area 3-4 pm daily.
It is poised to attract both avid football enthusiasts as a way of creating a dynamic blend of sportsmanship and celebration.

During the 10 Day tourney, several awards such as best team, most valuable player, best Goalkeeper and other prices would be won. He is a philanthropist, business man and community mobiliser who is always ready to bring succour to Ijiraga and Ukelle in general.

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