Hon. Omosede Igbinedion: A Strong Contender for Edo State Governorship 2024


In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian politics, the emergence of strong, capable leaders is crucial for the progress and development of the nation. One such notable figure, Hon. Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion, has carved her path as a distinguished and influential politician. As we approach the Edo State Governorship Election in 2024, it becomes imperative to examine the qualities that make her a compelling candidate for the position.

Experience and Leadership:
Hon. Omosede’s journey in Nigerian politics has been marked by significant milestones. Elected as the best young female member into the 8th Assembly of the House of Representatives in 2015, she has displayed commendable leadership skills. Her role as the Deputy Chairman of House Services and active participation in various committees, including Local Content, Aviation, and Judiciary, underscores her ability to navigate the complexities of Nigerian politics.

Party Loyalty:
A steadfast member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Omosede has consistently demonstrated unwavering loyalty to the party’s ideals and goals. Her commitment played a pivotal role in strengthening the PDP, both at the national level and within Edo state, especially during crucial moments such as the incumbent Governor’s second term bid.

Legislative Achievements:
As the best youngest female legislator, Hon. Omosede has left an indelible mark on Nigerian legislation. Championing key bills such as the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill and the Freedom of Information Act (Amendment) Bill showcases her dedication to shaping policies that have a lasting impact on the country. Beyond legislation, her proactive approach includes executing projects in her constituency and securing lucrative jobs for her constituents.

Bridge Builder:
In the often divisive realm of politics, Omosede has proven to be a bridge builder. Her ability to reconcile factions and bring together diverse interests within the PDP is crucial for the party’s growth and success. This skill in fostering unity positions her as a leader who can navigate the complexities of a diverse political landscape.

Vision for the Party:
Hon. Omosede’s vision for the PDP is clear and compelling. She emphasizes inclusivity, transparency, and accountability as core principles. Her commitment to strengthening the party’s structures, empowering grassroots members, and ensuring the PDP remains a viable alternative aligns with the aspirations of many Nigerians.

Resilience Amid Challenges:
The last general election showcased Hon. Omosede’s resilience in the face of adversity. Despite opposition, she drew a significant margin, and efforts to contest irregularities were met with challenges. The demand for a rerun in areas where elections were disrupted reflected her commitment to upholding the democratic process.

In conclusion, Hon. Omosede Igbinedion’s political track record, experience, party loyalty, legislative achievements, ability to build bridges, and vision for the party make her a formidable candidate for the Edo Gubernatorial Election in 2024. The quest for a brighter future for Edo state and the PDP finds a promising leader in Hon. Omosede, whose leadership and commitment to the party’s values make her an ideal choice to lead Edo state into a new era of progress and development.

As we anticipate the upcoming election, the call to nominate and support Hon. Omosede Igbinedion for Edo State Governor 2024 resonates as an opportunity to translate theories of development into practical, tangible results for the people of Edo.

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