When good governance prevails, the rights and dignity of every citizen are upheld and protected.

As the Edo State governorship primary slated for February 2024 draw nearer, To win in the 18 Local government Areas of Edo state we need a candidate who is experienced, committed and has a strong profile. The PDP Frontline aspirant, Hon. Omosede Igbinedion is that candidate.

Having been closely with this Amazon for a while now, we can obviously confirm to you that Hon. Omosede’s testament can’t be over emphasized. Even though she’s like any other mortal as such, can never be perfect but truth to be told, she is a good woman of valor. From a different witnesses points of view an epistle is not enough to contain her value. She’s a mother whose doors are always open and will always ensure to provide a ladder to aid people get their goal. Indeed, She has paid her due in the society and we are standing firm by her. She’s an achiever per excellence, highly resourceful, creative and result-oriented, a problem solver wherever she is, a true definition of a leader, little reasons she is excelling in all her endeavors.

As a symbol of hope, Hon. Omosede embodies the aspirations of countless women across the nation who are seeking representation and a voice in the political landscape. Her leadership skills, coupled with her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, make her an effective advocate for the rights and interests of women in Edo state and within the PDP. She believes that gender equality is not an option. It’s a path to a more prosperous and just society for all. Her mission is clear: break through the glass ceiling and level the playing field for everyone, regardless of gender.

Hon. Omosede has really broken the glass ceiling by defeating political party heavy weights right from 2015 when she emerged as the youngest female legislator in the 8th national assembly and going by history she performed wonderfully well and set a history to Edo State and her constituency.

Without iota of doubt, Hon. Omosede will ensure that good governance and effective administration is delivered to the good people of Edo state. She will empower the poor and the marginalized.

Women really have a role to play and they are capable enough to bring a positive change to our democracy and to our country. We absolutely support women participation in Nigerian politics. We are proud of our brave women and we hope that our people will begin to realize their (women) importance in political participation.

It’s time the delegates and patriotic citizens of Edo State look at the contributions women are making in politics, let’s give Hon. Omosede Igbinedion ( Lady Governor) the chance to be the flag bearer of our great party PDP for Edo State to prove again the desired changes we are hoping in the entire state.


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