Commendation trail Inyali Peter’s promise to facilitate jobs for Unicross Graduates


The Chairman, Media/Publicity of Dr. Inyali Peter UNICROSS Alumni Presidential Campaign Council, Comrade Jesam Ofem, PhD, has lauded Dr. Inyali Peter over one of his objectives to facilitate the employment of UNICROSS Graduates in federal and state government agencies and parastatals, when prevails in his bid to become the Association’s president.

Inyali, on 1st December, told a crowd of his supporters, “that after the election, he is going to conclude the discussion he has initiated with Senators, House of Representative members, Ministers, and his friends in Government to support him by securing jobs for UNICROSS graduates.”

Inyali who is contesting for the position of President in Unicross Alumni’s forthcoming election, said he had negotiated with some Government officials who have promised to “send us special areas of skills which our graduates will also learn and be employers of labor.”

Inyali added that there are many UNICROSS Graduates who have benefited from jobs he had facilitated before now and with the relationship he shares at all levels with his friends in the government, UNICROSS Graduates are primed to be well positioned.

The chairman said he is well aligned with the Inyali leadership school of thought, adding that Inyali’s penchant for excellence, vision and passionate drive for a better and greater Alumni Association makes him the perfect choice for all members of the Association.

He reflected on his own experiences in leadership and entrepreneurship and stressed the need for leaders to remain audacious in their visions, qualities, he maintained, Inyali Peter possesses in surplus.

He called on Alumni Association members to vote wisely for Inyali Peter as the man who has primed himself and best ready to move the Association from the doldrums of mediocrity, regression and underdevelopment to heights that would make UNICROSS Alumni the envy of others.

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