Sports Minister Facilitates Collaboration between NIS and TETFUND to Enhance Coaching Training, Research, and Funding


…Calls for renewed commitment towards producing quality athletes

In a landmark move towards advancing training of coaches in Nigeria, the Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh has fostered a strategic partnership between the National Institute for Sports (NIS) and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND).

This action was prior to the Minister’s meeting with the Sports Coaches Association of Nigeria on Tuesday, in Abuja.

Senator Enoh initiated and facilitated a meeting between the Director General of NIS, Professor Olawale Moronkola and the Executive Secretary, TETFUND, Arc. Sonny Echono. Both parties left the meeting with clear roadmaps on the intersectionality of their functions and pathways to a collaborative relationship.

The collaboration will aim to elevate the standard of coaching training, foster extensive research initiatives, and bolster funding opportunities geared towards enhancing coaches’ education across all sports federations.

Facilitator, Senator Enoh said that “coaching is an aspect that must be given attention because it is partly responsible for the quality of athletes the country produces. Thus it is important to redirect our focus to this area.”

Recognizing the pivotal role that coaches play in shaping and nurturing sporting talent, the Minister stated that his idea about the innovative partnership is to foster a collaboration that will revamp the landscape of sports education and expertise within Nigeria.

By leveraging the combined strengths and resources of both entities, the initiative will focus on elevating the quality of coaching training programs offered by the National Institute of Sports, ensuring that coaches receive world-class education and practical training methodologies.

On the reason he fostered the meeting, Enoh said “I did not understand why NIS has not benefited from the interventions of TETFUND. The visit also provided an opportunity for a lot of clarifications about the intersectionality of TETFUND’s mandate and’ vision of NIS.”

Senator John Owan Enoh, expressing his enthusiasm about this collaboration, highlighted the significance of investing in the development of coaches as a cornerstone for achieving excellence in Nigerian sports. This strategic partnership between NIS and TETFUND is poised to create a transformative impact on the sports landscape, ensuring that Nigeria remains at the forefront of sporting excellence on the global stage.

Enoh also thanked the coaching association for their commitment towards a successful outing for Team Nigeria in the forthcoming All African Games and the 2024 Olympic Games. He called for renewed vigor towards outcomes that are beneficial for the country’s sports sector.

He reiterated that President Bola Tinubu’s interest in sports in unwavering and his administration is committed to improving Nigeria’s development in sports.


The Media Office of the Honourable Minister of Sports Development.
November 29, 2023.

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