Silent Triumphs: Navigating Success Beyond Social Media Spotlight By Agba Jalingo

Resist The Pressure

People who are actually rich and can comfortably pay their bills are not loud about it on social media. Most of those who do, are not.

People who are genuinely happy in their lives and families are not loud about it on social media, it is those who are not that are using social media to fill that gap.

People whose businesses are thriving and returning them six digits are not bringing that information to social media themselves. Only in their boardrooms. Most of those who rush here to trumpet their success are just making you believe.

Most of the people who pay for their travels and leisure are shy of bringing it to social media. It is those who others pay for, that are eager to come show it off.

Plenty of people who are helping to change thousands of lives out there genuinely don’t remember to go around with cameras, it is those who do very little that pose before the screens.

Truly rich people are conscious of their safety. Anyone who made wealth legitimately will also appreciate the high level of insecurity in Nigeria today and wouldn’t want to be trailed by the vagaries of social media exposure. Again, most of those who do those show off are usually looking for vulnerable clients.

Don’t be put under undue pressure by the optics. If you believe in God like I do, pray and wait on God. Work and be hopeful and if it pleases God, your day will come.

Yours sincerely,
Citizen Agba Jalingo.

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