Legal Drought: C’River Base Lawyer, Roland Ipuole Cries Out

Barr. Roland Ipuole, a prominent lawyer based in Calabar, Cross River, has urged individuals not to leave everything to fate but to engage legal professionals to address the surge in legal issues affecting livelihoods.

Ipuole expressed concern about the increasing number of lawyers facing financial difficulties due to a low turn of legal issues. He emphasized that relying solely on faith might not be sufficient in navigating the complex legal landscape, and individuals should actively involve lawyers to safeguard their interests.

“Many lawyers are going hungry day by day because of the scarcity of legal issues. People must recognize the value of legal assistance in resolving disputes and protecting their rights,” stated Barr. Roland Ipuolei his Facebook account.

According to his Facebook post, “Don’t leave everything to God; leave some to your lawyers.”

The lawyer’s statement has sparked discussions within the legal community, with some echoing his sentiments and calling for a greater awareness of the importance of legal counsel in various aspects of life.

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