Education is pivotal for raising productivity and human empowerment. This is because the creation of wealth, employment generation, poverty reduction and value re-orientation can only be effectively attained with a functional education system. Any administration that toys with the education of its citizenry will only be spelling doom and great social and economic imbalance.

Consequently, His Excellency, Senator (Prince) Bassey Edet Otu, Governor of Cross River State appointed Senator Stephen Odey Ph D to oversee the Cross River State education subsector and to continue with the laudable educational policies of his predecessor and even with a more determined zeal to surpass them. Senator Stephen Adi Odey, has never looked back. He has a rich resume of remarkable proficiency and record of achievements in his previous undertakings.

Senator Odey is perpetually on RESCUE MISSION and whatever method and approach he has adopted, it will serve as a moral benchmark against the backdrop of laxity, forged credentials and truancy prevalent in the education sector. He will certainly take drastic measures to attain the required sanity in the system no matter whose ox is gored.

Senator Stephen Adi Odey has shown that it will definitely not be business as usual and he is indeed embracing new frontiers in his quest to imprint lasting legacies in our overall education system in Cross River State.

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