Rt. Hon. Ayambem, A Leader With Great Vision For Cross River State

Many are born into leadership, many work their ways to leadership while many grow up to attain leadership, in the case of Cross River State Speaker, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, who has displayed the true spirit of leadership.

Recall that he was voted and returned unopposed as Speaker of the Tenth Assembly by the 25- members Assembly with 19 legislators from the ruling APC; 5 from the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) and one member of the Labour Party.

For those of us who have been with him right from the beginning of his legislative career, the man had been dogged in his pursuit of the apex of his career. And it has not been easy, what with weathering of many political storms that fill the paths of Nigerian politicians who manage to clinch their choice positions.

As an astute politician, Ayambem’s mind is recondite and impenetrable. Not given to too many words, the prayerful legislator operates with a fiery tenacity in the pursuit of his goals which he has achieved for himself and many of his followers who have benefited immensely from his political endeavours.

Indeed, by the landmark achievements that the Speaker has recorded in his first term, we are rest assured that his second term would be more eventful and equally scandal free. This is because Ayambem has learnt the ropes and garnered requisite experiences over the years at the Assembly.

As a versatile, ebullient and proficient Speaker, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem has led the Cross River House of Assembly to the pinnacle of law making in Nigeria and the entire Africa.

The Speaker is one man who grow steadily through hard work, humility, honesty, courage discipline, prudence, and the fear of God. He’s a distinguished legislator, intelligent, resourceful, loyal and dutiful public officer; the torchbearer of the younger generation,

Sagacious and politically-astute legislator, he mastered the ropes of lawmaking so well that he is very instrumental in any decision-making process in the state.

No doubt, Ayambem has always been at the forefront of innovative and progressive ideas that the State House of Assembly has become reputed for and he will definitely deliver again.

Interestingly, the amiable Speaker expanded his scope of picking capable aides from the three senatorial districts, a sure sign of good things to come from him.

His leadership qualities have always been top notch and will always be ready to carry the people along as he diligently discharge his responsibility to the people of Cross River State.

– Matthew Okache

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