Ijegu Ojor Political Support Group Honours Higgins in a Grand Visit

The Ijegu OJor political support group paid a courtesy visit to High Chief Higgins Peters, a prominent figure known for his dedication to the community. The event unfolded with Engr Lovies Odey, the leader of the movement, expressing gratitude for High Chief Higgins’ numerous contributions.

“Whether it’s the streets of Abuja or the halls of the University of Calabar, High Chief Higgins Peters has left an indelible mark. His generosity in providing appointments and the countless initiatives during the Gov. Ayade led administration have not gone unnoticed,” stated ENGR Lovies Odey. He further acknowledged High Chief Higgins Peters’ recognition as the Emoma 1 and Akpa’owo of Yala Nation a title bestowed upon him for his exceptional humanitarian services.

In response, High Chief Higgins Peters, operating as an open individual, thanked the group for their visit. He emphasized his belief in inclusivity, stating, “I don’t believe in marginalizing anyone; I believe in Yala and Cross River state as a whole. Giving to people is in the blood; you don’t learn it. I don’t give for praise or political gain; it’s a part of me from time immemorial.”

Peters pledged to continue prioritizing Yala and Cross River state, expressing his commitment to serve if opportunities arise globally. The visit concluded with a closing remark from Vinno man Oyi Yala, the musical icon of Yala Nation, who thanked High Chief Higgins for his audience and offered prayers for the prosperity of Yala Nation and Cross River State in general.

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